The Centre of Excellence (CoE) is a body that provides value-added courses with industry certifications and skill training for a specific field for students.

The literal meaning of a Centre of Excellence is – ‘A place where the high standards are maintained’.

All our centres of excellence collaborated with the industry of specific domains. With the help of industry experts’ syllabi of courses are designed to be conducted under each CoE.

The courses are split into three modules a) Beginner b) Advanced c) Expert.

Core function:

  1. To conduct high-standard technical training with industry experts framed curriculum in specific domain with special focus on latest emerging technologies.
  2. Core Placement related training is given for students
  3. To develop an association between academia and industry for the benefit of the skill development of the students and faculties
  4. To conduct Research and Development in related fields and spread the results of the R&D and other activities through the filling of patents and transforming them into sustainable business proposals
  5. To support creative and innovative proposals from faculties and students
  6. To create a network of nearby institutes for mentoring support

Centre of Excellence Model

S.No Centres of Excellence Year of Establishment Industries Supported by
1. CoE for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 2019 1. Augusta Hitech Soft Solutions, Coimbatore.

2. Orbitshifters

3. CoE for Cybersecurity and Networking 2019 1. Zacco Cyber Security Research Labs, Coimbatore

2. Cisco Systems, inc.,

4. CoE for Internet of things 2019 Rently Software Development Private Limited, Coimbatore
5. CoE for Robotics and Automation 2019 SPI Equipment India Private Limited
6. Bio – innovation – Hub 2020 Centre for Bioscience and Nanoscience Research-Coimbatore