With a focus on exploring AI applications with in students and faculties, our Rathinam Technical Campus established the Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with the support of Augusta Hitech Soft Solutions, Coimbatore in 2019. It facilitates Model building in the fields of Image & Video Analytics, Speech Synthesis & Recognition, and Natural Language Processing.

Course offered: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using tensorflow


  1. Knowledge based on Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics.
  2. Knowledge based on General programming logics (not specific to any high-level language).
  3. Knowledge based on Problem Solving Methodology.

Learning outcome:

  1. Understand AI, its applications and use cases.
  2. Transforming Industry to more intelligence.
  3. Understanding the terms of Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning.
  4. Hands on training for the Tensorflow to implement AI