Centre of Excellence for Robotics and Automation supported by SPI Equipment India Private Limited, Coimbatore established on 2019, where industry certified course and skill training in robotics and Automation domain given for students.

Course Name: CNC Training

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the concepts G and M codes and manual part programming.
  • To know the application of various CNC machines
  • To impart CNC part programming skills for turning and milling applications.
  • To give a good exposure of CAM software in order to perform simulation and to generate CL data

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will be familiar with CNC part programming using G & M codes.
  • Course would be helpful to understand the basic concepts in NC technology.
  • This course would make familiar of the use of CAM software.
  • Students would be able to apply the concepts of CNC parts programming in various Industrial applications.
  • Students would be trained to write and execute NC program on CNC production machines for different jobs