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Intra Department Technical Fest “TECK BECKS 2019” held at Rathinam Technical Campus, Rathinam Techzone on August 30th, 2019

The Department of CSE & IT organized Intra Department Technical Fest on “TECK BECKS 2019” under the KODI association and IEEE Student Chapter , took place in the college premises on 30th August 2019 in the presence Dr. T. Nithiyanandam, Chief Operations, Dr. K. SHIVKUMAR, Academic Principal, Head of Department of CSE and IT and faculty members.

The Five Technical events and Two Social events are organized with the objective to provide a platform for the students to showcase their talent with a competitive spirit.

Technical Event


Social Event


A total of 150 students participated in an all event. The event was made even more fun and interesting when the audience was also allowed to give an answer. Correct answers were given acknowledgment in the form of prizes. The winners were encouraged with the certificate.

EVENT 1:Report on “Technical Quiz” for TECH BECKS

We have conducted three rounds at this event.

1st round of Technical Quiz was held on 30th August at A104, 09:30 AM in which 35 teams of 2 students each participated.
The performance of all the teams was good but 10 teams got qualified for the 2nd round.

5 Teams were selected for the third round of the event on the basis of their Oral Questions

3 rd round of the event was a presentation round on buzzer.
Team of A.T.Charumathi, L.S.Dhanush Kumar from 3rd year IT was the first place,
Team of Stallone Morais, Rahul Kumar, 2 nd year CSE was the second place of the event,
Team of Stallone Sam Sundar, Pranav, 4th year CSE was the third place of the event.

Few Snaps of the Event:

EVENT 2: “Code Debugging” for TECH BECKS

The written test was conducted to debug the code for various problems without changing the logic of the solution code provided to them .The problems were designed to check the debugging skills of the contestants. There were 5 problems in total in the test.

The event was a great success with a participation of 49 students out of which there were winners, selected on the basis of their efficiency in the test.

Few Snaps of the event: Event coordinator: Mr.T.Gowdhaman.

Winners are NAVEEN SHANKAR won first Prize from II Year CSERAHUL KUMAR won second Prize from II Year CSEJENISHA SRI won second Prize from II Year IT


11 participants in Blind code on C language in which a jumbled form of code is given. The participants are provided with a jumbled code and output. They have to arrange the code in proper sequence and exact match with the given output. The next round was brainstorming where debugging skills of students were analyzed on the basis of the program given to every group. The last round was entirely based on programming, students used all programming skills and using C language task was given to write an entire program in C.

Students of all departments had participated in this event. Participation in this event was commendable.

Few Snaps of the event: Event coordinator: Mr.A.WasimRaja

Participants of C-coding event


1. DIVYA.R from IV year IT won first prize

2. ARJUN.S from IV year IT won SecondPrize

3. VENI.V from IV year CSE won third prize


All the 116 participants were gathered at 2:30 pm in front of A Block. Event Coordinator revealed the rules and regulations of the game and 1st clue was given to all the teams. From in front of A Block, all teams proceeded for finding further hints and treasure.

Few Snaps of the event: Event coordinator: Mr.P.Selvaraj

The winner is: First Prize: II Year CSE

1. Rahul Kumar jayswal
2. S.Naveen Sankarr
3. P.Jaya Prasanth

Second Prize: III Year IT
1. M.Kalaiyarsan
2. U.Esakki Muthu
3. L.S.Dhanush Kumar Third Prize: IV Year CSE


EVENT 5:Report on “Paper Presentation “for TECHBECKS

The event commenced at 11 a.m., the participants presented papers on various technologies and its application. The event was judged by the very experienced senior faculty members of the Department. The judges were impressed by most of the teams and found it very difficult to decide the 3winners.


1st Prize – Jeevika – II CSE

2nd Prize – Saranya – IV IT

3rd Prize – Sathish – IV CSE

Few Snaps of the event: Event coordinator: Dr. S.Sangeetha

EVENT 6:Report on “Web Designing “for TECH BECKS

A total of 22 students participated in an event. The event was made even more fun and interesting. The performance of all the teams was good but 5 teams got qualified for the final round.

Few Snaps oftheEvent: EventCoordinator:Mr.Sp.Santhoskumar.


1st Prize – Pavithra J (IV IT)
2nd Prize – Jishnu (III IT)
3rd Prize – Arnold Russel (III IT)

EVENT 7:Report on “PUBG “for TECH BECKS

Players with a PUBG MOBILE account above level 10 are allowed and it is a squad- the only tournament so, no solo or duo player matches not allowed.

Few Snaps of the event: EventCoordinator: Mr.Vignesh


1st Prize – Manivel, Madhan (2nd CSE)
2nd Prize – Esakki Muthu. U, Dhivinkumar (3rd IT) 3rd Prize – Shanmugaraj, Sarjun (4CSE) and
3rd Prize – Gourav Someone, Mohammed Nishar (1st CSE)