What Is Life????

March 26, 2020 RaThInAm_Usr

“LIFE”…. Our specially crafted entrepreneurship development program can rightly be referred to as a holistic program that aims at offering to the student community an expansive field of vision that would facilitate them to course through the journey successfully as budding entrepreneurs.
To many people, entrepreneurship means many things. To us here, it is about consciously taking responsibility for one’s own life, conferring with one’s area of interest, and chiselling and fine-tuning their career and in a broader sense, their lives. In addition, through it touching and transforming other lives …socially, economically, intellectually and ethically with sustained economic sense.

Entrepreneurship is about breaking all inhibitions, socio- economic backgrounds, academics and exploring the unknown to bring about actionable solutions that has a bearing on a wider audience. There is always a debate with valid points on both the sides of the debate… are entrepreneurs born or made. However, here at our institution it is neither both. It is about facilitating and providing the right mix and blend… knowledge, skills and attitude. It’s a proven truth that if a seed is planted and nurtured in the right soil, it will flower and blossom and that’s about LIFE.

Salient Features of LIFE:

a) Interface with experts, though at the core of entrepreneurship it is about everything new, but there are some elements that require expert insights with experience and towards it we offer continuous interaction and engagement with experienced and seasoned experts and entrepreneurs. It is a window to different patterns and trends and systems thinking.

b) Knowledge in action is wisdom and towards this end we provide not just theoretical inputs but also on-field exposure to give a broader vision on how things work and how they are managed. Taking into consideration the multifarious interests of students in different domains and fields, the program incorporates visits to different centres of business.

c) We truly understand that the best of automobiles are useless if there is no right fuel. In addition, for an entrepreneur financial resources and funding is the key fuel and as a part of our ecosystem we enable deserving candidate’s access to funding based on their CIBIL scores.

d) Another effective component of the program provides focus on how they groom themselves psychologically and emotionally for the task ahead. It facilitates the students to embrace attitudes and skills that nurture their personal and professional growth. They understand what it takes in terms of quality and competency to scale the summits of this journey successfully by braving challenges, thinking proactively and having a zeal to map their course with optimism.

A journey on road requires a map, but a journey out in the ocean requires a compass. We are hopeful and at the same time confident, that LIFE would facilitate the students to strengthen their mental and intellectual fibre to chart their courses with an inner compassing.

Dr.Shivkumar Krishnan, our honorable Principal motivated the students to focus on their goals and emphasized the importance of entrepreneurship.

Dr.T. Nithyanantham, Chief Operations, RTC, addressed the gathering about entrepreneur empowerment in India and requirement of innovation to develop our country as world power. He motivated women entrepreneurship and our Institution vision to create an innovation hub.

Guest name: Amith Kumar
Co-founder & Executive Director, Brown Arc Enterprises Private Limited.

Mr.Amith Kumar shared his inspiring story of switching his career back to computers from his MBBS. His experience on overcoming the stumbling blocks in starting up Brown Arc Enterprises, dealing with failures, consistent in one’s goal, updating oneself, and innovation was an inspiration for all budding entrepreneurs.

Guest name: Dr.J. Arthi
Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science And Higher Education for Women

Dr.J. Arthi focused on women entrepreneurship and shared many ideas on startups with examples. She explained the concept of dealing with weakness and achieving one’s goal.

Guest name: Mr.GMAC Viswanathan
Managing Partner of GMAC Associates

GMAC Viswanathan is an inspiring art which student should admire. He is a role model for all the first generation entrepreneurs. His achievements were countless and he was awarded as best seller by his hard work and determination. He shared his experience, his perspiration to his dream his huge epitome GMAC Associates.